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میری کہانی

meet aisha aki

although this is a happily oakland based company, i grew up many miles away from my now home (8,060 miles to be exact!). Born and raised in karachi, pakistan to a japanese father and a pakistani mother, life was a mishmash of cultures and experiences. although i visited my father’s native osaka, i felt like it wasn’t enough of an assimilation to a vastly different pace of life. After studying in the UK, it was time for me to experience japan firsthand. after a few years there, life took me to the bay and my nomadic lifestyle came to a lovely halt.

My experiences thus far have made it possible for me to feel our commonality and shared cultures strongly. i realized that meaningful consumption through feeling attached to a place or people’s stories made me appreciate what i was using. i wanted to make products that were beyond just a bar of soap or bath salts. in a dauntingly fast consumption focused world, i wanted to focus on slow and intentional.

i look forward to continue making products that you love and cherish.

something for me and for you.

よろしく& شکریہ

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why et toi?

all products are made at home by yours truly!

clean good fun! with organic shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe vera as the star ingredients.

made with good intentions- with eczema and sensitive skin in mind.

kraft packaging to keep plastics at a minimum.

won’t be tasty, but you can eat it- ingredients are those found in your pantry!

proceeds have gone to researched and vetted nonprofits

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what does et toi mean?

Fun fact: My Japanese name was very nearly Toi ​which translates to Ten / One, my birthday.

Et Toi meaning "and you" in French, which feels like the right word to describe how my soap journey is now ours.

new products coming soon

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